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Sailor Moon RPG
Source: m2manga

Idea: Madoka RPG where there is a continuous storyline in which you can decide at any time when to become a magical girl. The time that you make this decision changes the storyline, so there’s potentially like, a ton of ways the story can go even though all the same major events still happen like in the anime. This isn’t already a thing, is it? 


So my friend 8bithealey here on tumblr, FB, and Etsy makes wonderful nerd themed quilts.  Recently she finished this amazing bedding from Majora’s Mask.

*heavy breathing*


Oh no they’re cute

I did a mini-shoot with Keith and his cat for photography/lighting practice, and I just wanted to share with you guys because omg they’re srsly the cutest. 

forever my favorite lady ever (/waifu) <3

Mako Mankanshoku ~ illustrations from the 2nd KILL la KILL ED ! 


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Steph Hodges 2014.