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I am mousey and small, though not in a charming sense.
Very average, a wallflower of sorts, terrified to speak.
When I think of myself, I think of pimples, tired eyes, and poor posture.

But not always. 

Sometimes I like to think of myself as a goddess; kind and beautiful, yet strong and fierce.
All long legs, smooth curves, dagger eyes, and impeccable hair.
A well-loved queen with doting followers anxiously anticipating her every word.
Every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of this goddess in my reflection,
though she is foreign to me, living in the world in the mirror.

Sometimes I wonder if other people see her too.

Mako Mankanshoku ~ illustrations from the 2nd KILL la KILL ED ! 


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Steph Hodges 2014.


"The Death of Princess" by Jeanne10朱竣維

✧ | 鉄兎 [pixiv] 




A few days ago this image popped up on my dashboard.

I recognised this gentleman immediately!

He appeared in the intro sequence to one of my favourite childhood shows, Malcolm in the Middle.

I’ve always been a fan of anime and I’ve always wondered who this cool looking dude just chilling in the rain actually was.  I just never thought about searching for the answer on Google before, it might have even been a decade since I last saw this guy.

There was thousands of comments on the Tumblr post but none specified who he was (they might have but I got tired of looking after reading about 100).

So for anyone who’s ever wondered…I give you Shinri Shiogami from the anime Nazca.  

Excuse me while I just ring my brother to tell him the answer to this decade long enigma.

I can finally die in peace.

I used to watch Malcolm in the Middle quite a bit when I was younger and I always loved the bit when “that anime guy” showed up in the opening credits. Because hey, anime.

But I had NO IDEA who this guy was and I was dying to know!!! I forgot about it after a while, though. But at least here, there’s finally some closure.

Bless this post and the Internet.

reblogging because more people should experience the immense sense of closure and relief I’ve found in this post. 

Guys please include the title of the series when you reblog anime/manga things, because omg I really want to know what this is from

EDIT: Apparently it’s Kimi no Todoke. 

(thank you eroticgrandpa, best weea-bro ever ilu man)



I really hope this is for sale somewhere as a full-sized poster, because I need this in my room, like, ASAP. 


Character designs from a series of zodiacal illustrations by HACCAN

These are fantastic and I love them, but EXCUSE ME WHERE IS SHEEP (also rat and ox I guess). 

Actually, I’m a sheep, mom is rat, dad and brother are ox, so this excludes my whole family. 


“Too Cool for School”

A tribute to Chiaki Kuriyama of Battle Royale and Kill Bill, for this year’s Crazy 4 Cult show in Gallery 1988’s pop-up gallery in New York. The show opens August 9th! More info, detail shots, and sketches on my blog: http://juliancallos.blogspot.com/2012/07/chiaki-kuriyama-double-feature.html

When can I get a print of this ;o;


I finished my cosplay today, and got my friend John to take some pictures for me, out in a forest. I’m super stoked on how these came out!

Guys this is SO COOL. 
It makes me so happy to see cosplays like this. <3